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If you have some additional info or a work-around about any of the limitations, please open an issue or even better a Pull Request!


SSH port forwarding disabled

SSH port forwarding is disabled by Jean Zay sys-admin for security reasons.

SSH port forwarding is also called SSH tunneling sometimes (maybe a less accurate term). This the kind of command you run when you are using SSH port forwarding:

base ❯ ssh -N -L  # jean-zay

If you are trying to use it on Jean Zay you will get this kind of errors (in the console you run the ssh -L command when you try to access the local port):

channel 2: open failed: administratively prohibited: open failed

One use case for SSH port-forwarding is to start a Jupyter notebook server on a remote machine and open it locally in your web browser using a URL like this: http://localhost:8888. For this Jupyter notebook use case, Jean Zay provides their own solution, see this for more details.